Lab instruments built on a love for humanity

We repositioned the inventors of high-tech lab instruments as the gold-standard creators of an industry

  • Background

    After 50 years in business as leaders and innovators, Hanson Research sensed the threat of increased competition. They hired us to rewrite their story for greater impact in a rapidly-changing marketplace.

    Hanson invented the world’s first instruments for measuring dissolution – the rate at which medicine is released from a pill or capsule into your gastrointestinal tract –  then spent decades perfecting a portfolio of state-of-the-art equipment for testing pharmaceutical products. Presently, Hanson instruments keep millions of people safe each day.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Our Approach

    We started with a dissolution process of our own - breaking apart the pieces and nodes that make up Hanson to learn what they are really about at their deepest core. What we found was incredible humanity.

    We harnessed the power of an untold, inspirational story about the origins and social-good values of Hanson Research to align company culture with brand identity and messaging.

Rediscovering Hanson

50 years of growth can leave an organization tangled in complexity, muddled messages, and a diffused vision. Our chief goal was to refocus the brand to reignite its power. We created a positioning statement and brand strategy to best communicate Hanson’s value and capture a bigger piece of the market. To fuel their brand story, we relayed Hanson’s story in shareable, bite-sized messaging, to be used throughout their marketing materials.

  • Perfecting their mark

    We refreshed the Hanson logo to propel their brand into the future while retaining familiar history.

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  • A Bold Impression

    We developed a comprehensive, cohesive marketing system that unifies Hanson's brand.

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  • Simplifying Complexity

    We distilled extraordinary complexity into beautiful simplicity. We analyzed Hanson’s infinitely configurable product offerings and carefully designed an information architecture that was comprehensive yet clear to navigate. The resulting catalog of work not only made shopping easier for customers, but gave Hanson a renewed sense of pride in their business.

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1,000 words at a time

To complement the verbal story, we produced a series of documentary images that reinforced and celebrated the human element at the heart of Hanson's work.


"Locus is talented design team that helped bring my vision to life. I highly recommend this fun group for any high-level design work."

— Sara Hanson, Director of Marketing, Hanson Research

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