Sensing the Human Race

Transforming a defense / aerospace R&D company into a consumer product leader

  • Assignment

    After years of success as an international aerospace R&D lab, LifeBEAM had built up a portfolio of innovative capabilities worth bringing to consumer markets. We were asked to pitch a dream and make it a reality: shape and execute an inspirational vision for LifeBEAM as a consumer brand.

  • Solution

    LifeBEAM had incubated the most advanced wearable bio-sensing technologies on planet Earth – now it was time to tell their story. We developed a business strategy, crafted a brand identity, and orchestrated marketing to share this pioneering company with the world.

  • Strategic Foundations

    We helped LifeBEAM re-align their business with a bold strategic plan to enter the consumer market. Then, we crystalized the new company vision in a presentation designed to attract investors and strategic partners.

  • Name
  • Brand Platform

    To plant firm foundations to the brand, we distilled and amplified the LifeBEAM story for carefully-profiled key audiences. We carved out a unique competitive position that LifeBEAM could rightfully own – one that crucially embedded a culture of innovation at the heart of the company DNA.

  • Name
  • Naming a Product Family

    For brand consistency, we looked inward: at the name and functionality of LifeBEAM. The product's optical sensors pick up on light that contain vital signs of life. We anchored a family of products to this concept of “beams of light.” As a result, each successive generation of LifeBEAM products will tie back to the whole and add equity to the brand.

  • Name
  • A Dynamic Tagline

    We wanted to design a memorable tagline that would work hard to build LifeBEAM’s brand. So we crafted one with a double-entendre that says “performance sports bio-sensors,” and “bio-sensors for humankind.” Activated through striking imagery, these four words have the power to connect with diverse audiences and situations.

  • Name
  • Visual Identity

    Using energetic visuals, we wove a rich story to clearly communicate LifeBEAM’s offerings and unique benefits: their designed-for-extremes wearable-tech, their countless exciting possibilities for performance sports, their passion for enhancing life and promoting wellness.

  • Name
  • Responsive Website

    We tailored the LifeBEAM story for digital media and executed a website that looks great in every device.

  • Name
  • UX Design

    We created a dead-simple, universal visual language that communicates workout feedback in real time. 

  • Name

"We quickly developed a common language and that allowed iterations to happen in a few days. It's shortening the process and the cost to get to a result very fast. You don't see too many strategic groups that work this way."

— Omri Yoffe, CEO

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