Out for Good

Rebranding and design thinking for the world’s largest LGBT non-profit service organization

  • Background

    The world’s largest non-profit LGBT service organization, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, came to us with tough problems: extreme organizational complexity, wildly diverse audiences, and inconsistent communications. We were hired to refocus their identity, amplify their story, design think their offerings, and build a brand with the power to lead future generations.

  • Solution

    We planted deep strategic roots in careful research, from which we developed vigorous stories and visuals. We simplified organizational hierarchies and hundreds of diverse offerings, clarified communications, and captured the essence of the Center in a singular logo design. Our result was a vivid, inspiring identity capable of uniting and leading the LGBT community.

  • Rock-Solid Foundations

    We established a rich brand strategy after mining the real-world perceptions of Center donors, board members, volunteers, clients, employees, and management.

  • Name
  • An Inspired Logo

    We iterated a thousand times to design the logo for the Los Angeles LGBT Center, one that would condense layers of meaning into a profound, poetic, and timeless statement.

  • Name
  • A Storytelling Framework

    We structured a clear hierarchy of targeted messages to clarify the Center’s hundreds of offerings and fully-engage each audience. We also provided guidelines for maintaining a powerful and consistent brand voice.

  • Name
  • A Vibrant, Flowing Identity

    We vividly brought the brand to life through a flexible system of colors, signs, and images, all working in concert to cohesively express a single entity.

  • Name

"LOCUS has approached us and worked with us in a very unique and personal way. The approach that you guys have taken from the beginning has been very creative and very tailored to this particular organization and its ethic, history, idiosyncrasies. It felt very personal to us and that has felt remarkably different.”

— Darrel Cummins, Chief of Staff, Los Angeles LGBT Center

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